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DM Master Videbæk Adventures

DM Master Videbæk Adventures:

DARU License:

Personal license: All who participate in Master or Challenge distances in a DARU tournament race have a personal license.

The license is valid for a year at a time, and for all DARU tournament races, i.e. once you get a license, it stays valid for the entire season.
The license is automatically added to the fee of your first race registration of the season.

The license fee funds the sport - See DARU's vision (Danish).

Download: DARU vision

Racing fee:

2.400 DKK
Challenge (Sold out):
1.800 DKK
No more than 0 teams allowed.
1.200 DKK
Registration closes 17. september 2020


Rules: DM Master Videbæk Adventures follows DARU standard rules.

Download: DARU standard rules

Team information:

Registration and price:

DARU License:
DKK pr. person = DKK / Valid for 2020
Dankort Fee:
DKK pr. person = DKK
Racing fee:
Total price: