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Montane Kong Vinter

Montane Kong Vinter:

Her beskriver jeg begivenheden.

DARU License:

Personal license: All who participate in Master or Challenge distances in a DARU tournament race have a personal license.

The license is valid for a year at a time, and for all DARU tournament races, i.e. once you get a license, it stays valid for the entire season.
The license is automatically added to the fee of your first race registration of the season.

The license fee funds the sport - See DARU's vision (Danish).

Download: DARU vision

Racing fee:

1.900 DKK / after 1. november 2020: 2.200 DKK
No more than 25 teams allowed.
1.600 DKK / after 1. november 2020: 1.900 DKK
No more than 40 teams allowed.
750 DKK / after 1. november 2020: 900 DKK
1.000 DKK / after 1. november 2020: 1.200 DKK
No more than 40 teams allowed.
Registration closes 1. januar 2021


Kong Vinter follows DARUs standard rules.

Download: DARU standard rules


In order to race in DARU U21, you need to be at least 15 years old on the day of the race, and max 21 the year of the tournament.

You may apply for an exception to be made if you are under 15, but both you and your guardians feel that you are capable. In such cases, you apply to the host of the race.

If you are younger than 18 years old, participation requires a permission slip from a legal guardian. This permission slip shall be delivered to the host of the race before it begins. If you are participating as a part of a school team, a permission slip signed by a teacher or a principal is sufficient.

Team information:

Registration and price:

DARU License:
DKK pr. person = DKK / Valid for 2021
Dankort Fee:
DKK pr. person = DKK
Racing fee:
Total price: