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Nordic League DK

Nordic League DK:

Nordic League DK is a new Danish race, but done by very experienced forces. It is the team behind Kong Vinter with more than 10 years of experience in organizing Adventure Races.
The race is 17. April 2021. Se more about timetable and gearlist on the race webpage. See link below.
The race will be in the hilly West Sjælland. The race will therefore be a mix of hills, forest and a coastal adventure. We will find the best of the 3 worlds. The ambition is also to have spectacular climbing and rope activity that has not been seen before in Danish competitions.

The race contains 3 distances:
A Master distance with a winning time of 16-18 hours. Disiplins: Orienteering, Mountainbike, Climbing&ropes, kayak, a suprice and maybe a inliners stage.
The Kayak stage will have a 1km openwater cross. So you need some expires in kayak. Its mandatory to have the skills for a partner rescue. We advice to have a EPP2 course or the skills simular.
This will be the best preparation your team can do if you want to participate in the European Championships 2021 YACS.

The challenge distance has a winning time of 7-8 hours. This is a distance where everyone can join. It is necessary to have knowledge of rope and climbing, but the level is at the beginner level. Disiplins: Orienteering, Mountainbike, Climbing&ropes and a suprice.

The fighter distance will be for every one. Fastest will take 4 hours to finish. Its a great introduction to Adventure Race but still a big expires. And if you miss a mountain bike dont worry its posibul to rent.

Nordic League is part of the race series of the same name, with a competition in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. In the long run, the ambition is also a race in Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

Remember to sign up well in advance as the race is likely to be sold out.

DARU License:

Personal license: All who participate in Master or Challenge distances in a DARU tournament race have a personal license.

The license is valid for a year at a time, and for all DARU tournament races, i.e. once you get a license, it stays valid for the entire season.
The license is automatically added to the fee of your first race registration of the season.

The license fee funds the sport - See DARU's vision (Danish).

Download: DARU vision

Racing fee:

2.200 DKK
No more than 17 teams allowed.
1.700 DKK
No more than 17 teams allowed.
1.100 DKK
No more than 17 teams allowed.
Registration closes 10. april 2021


Nordic League DK follows DARUs standard rules.
Rule D: Most CP, then most optional CP and then time. Cps have to be taken in chronological order.

Download: DARU standard rules

Team information:

Registration and price:

DARU License:
DKK pr. person = DKK / Valid for 2021
Dankort Fee:
DKK pr. person = DKK
Racing fee:
Total price: