ARES Yeti Adventure Challenge Silkeborg

ARES Yeti Adventure Challenge Silkeborg:

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The Yeti Adventure Challenge Slkeborg is the no.1 Adventure Race in Denmark and the first ever to join an international race series. So grab your toughest teammates and get ready to race in Lake District Denmark.

”Silkeborg is an ideal location for adventure racing. There may not be high hills but there are lots of them!”
Rob Howard – Sleepmonsters

”The quality of the biking, kayaking and hiking in the YACS was really good. Its a great event and very well run.”
Nathan Faavae - Team Seagate

Apart from ideal surroundings and great race quality, YACS has also succeeded in staging Adventure Race as an audience delight. We have seen thousands of spectators turn up to cheer and get a glimpse of the action and to follow the race on a giant screen, with professional live-commentary and live streaming video. On Saturday where winners are expected to finish shorter courses (Challenge and Fighter) with hundreds of participants will be run in Silkeborg, making the Finish area a lively action centre. are courses down to a 4 hours winning time, making Adventure Racing accesible for a much broader audience and attracting hundreds of teams to the event. Race info and equipment requirements will be kept up-to-date on www.YACS.dk and it is also advised to follow our Facebook for race related news.

Teams consist of 4 team members, male, female or mix. Only Mix Teams enter the EuroSeries competition. Male and female teams race on the same route and terms but as a standard DARU CUP Master race. All teams also gather Master points for the DARU CUP.

It is possible to register a team with missing names, if your entire team is not named yet. Names are required no later than August 10th – 6 days prior to the race.

Registration fee is non-refundable, but teams may sell it on to another team. Wrtitten cancellations before June 18th 2018 will be refunded 50% of the race fee.
Contact yetiacsilkeborg@gmail.com for questions

DARU Licens:

Personlig licens: Alle der deltager på Master eller Challenge i et DARU CUP race have en personlig licens.

Licensen gælder for et år ad gangen og gælder til alle DARU CUP races. dvs. har du først erhvervet dig en licens har du den til resten af sæsonen.
Du vil automatisk blive tildelt en licens ved tilmelding.

Licensen går til at udvikle sporten - Se DARU´s vision.

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7.450 kr.
Tilmelding lukker 10. august 2018


Yeti Adventure Challenge Silkeborg følger DARU Standart regler. Regl for klassement oplyses senest til briefing.

Download: DARU standard regler

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